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What's a cowatch?
A cowatch is the new way to watch movies and documentaries together and interact live with your audience! 🍿
Host and guests are on camera and control the main video while other participants can interact via chat.
How do I create a cowatch?
To get you started fast, we need:
- the content
- the list of presenters
- the title and poster of the content to be broadcasted
We also ask you to fill out the information requested on the following link:
How can I make money on Beem?
You can earn a fair and transparent revenue on Beem by organizing paid live events, using your own content or content from our catalog. As an event organizer, you can earn up to 85% of the ticket price.
If you're a video creator, content owner or producer, you can upload your content in our secure servers and earn at least 50% of all transactions happening on your content.
We're soon going to launch wallets for everyone, allowing people to earn a small percentage of every transaction they made possible by sharing a content or an event to their network or acting as an agent for other creators.
Learn more about Beem for creators here.
How does Beem make money?
Beem takes a 15% commission on every ticket sold for a paid event. For a free event, it is free to use for up to 1,000 participants. For free events with more than 1,000 participants, please contact us to get a quote.
Do presenters and participants need to create an account?
As we apply the highest security standards for content protection, all presenters and participants need to create an account before being able to enter the live event. It's really easy to create an account: one click is all it takes to login through your Google, Facebook, Amazon or Apple account. Otherwise emails works perfectly. To streamline the event creation process, accounts for the chosen presenters can be set up by the Beem team. We will only require their full names and email addresses.
How many presenters can be on camera?
Up to 5 presenters can be on live camera. Soon, presenters will also be able to invite any participant from the chat to be on camera as well: up to 15 persons in total on camera - now that's a party!
Who has the control over the video?
The remote holder has the control over the video and the event. The remote can be passed and requested by any of the original presenters on screen (5 maximum).
What content can be showcased?
On Beem, you can showcase your own content (easy upload coming soon), or use one of the titles in our catalogue. Our team will always make sure that the copyrights are respected and that the content owners are fairly rewarded.
Can I stream live content?
Currently you can stream live through a broadcaster software (we really like OBS -, and we plan to implement the option to put a livestream as the main video soon.
How can I send the video content?
You can send us your content through your favorite tool: Wetransfer, Dropbox, link to video, etc.
What are the accepted video formats?
We accept all formats, except Apple Pro Res mov files currently. From our experience, most creators send us their content in MP4 format. Please remember tp send us the highest resolution available, so we can make sure to broadcast your content in the highest quality possible. We handle all the transcoding on our side.
Can I add subtitles or other audio languages?
Yes! Subtitles in SRT files are perfectly handled by the platform, and you can as well send us alternative audio tracks for your content. Participants can then change the language and choose their subtitles directly on their interface.
What languages is Beem available in?
Our platform is currently available in both English and French, but our team can assist you in Spanish and Portuguese as well. Other interface languages coming soon!
Can I moderate participants during a live event?
Yes! Any of the 5 initial presenters can mute any of the infringing participants at any time by clicking on their name and selecting the mute icon. Muted participants will not be able to post messages in the chat anymore.
How do donations and fundraisers work?
During a live events, participants can use the integrated contribution module to make donations to the designated non-profit or project with a pre-determined or custom amount. For non-profits, Beem only charges the transaction fees from our payment processor. For any other type of fundraising, Beem only keeps 5% of the amount raised on top of the transaction fees.
Can we choose the donations currency?
Beem can accept more than 135 currencies, but the currency shown on the donation module (as well as on the ticket price) depends on the region where the viewer is located.
How can I receive my payouts from Beem?
Payment commissions and donations will be sent by wire transfer. Our team is currently requesting 2 weeks to process the payment, but we are working to allow for near real-time payout transfers.